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Originally general stores were often the primary or the only source of food products beyond those which were grown or raised on one’s own land. Occasionally the excess, grown by local farmers, was bought by the general store for resale, in addition to that which was brought in by wagon or by rail. Today, The Brewster Store carries both a variety of local foods and unique items from afar. These wonderful foods and condiments will delight your pallet. The Brewster Store’s old fashioned candy counter offers a very wide assortment of penny candies, taffy, fudge, jelly beans and gum drops. The Brewster Store’s fudge and salt water taffy make a delicious treat and the perfect gift for someone you’re “sweet on.” If you prefer an old-fashioned treat, take yourself back in time with our assorted Penny Candies. Just as good as they were years ago, these candies can be shipped right to your home.

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