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Charming stop for locals and visitors alike. Grab a cup of gourmet coffee and a locally baked item and sit on the outside benches and watch the world go by. Then go back in to browse the store’s quirky collection of kitchen gadgets, books, local jellies, books, tee-shirts, toys, and more.

M. O’Connor

The General Store is a consistent summer vacation spot for my family and I. The atmosphere is relaxed and nostalgic, and the penny candy section is a must-do. The souvenirs are unique to Cape Cod and will make you remember the store forever.

Sophie Michel

Great place to go to when your out on the cape whether you’re staying in Falmouth, Hyannis, Chatham, Harwich or obviously in Brewster. Either way make the drive. If you have little kids, bring them there. It’s a really nice spot to remind a younger generation what it looked like back long long ago. That’s important to us.

Act Aziff

Such an incredibly special place to visit! Lots of history in the building itself. Great for kids, as it’s packed with toys of all kinds. Plenty for adults to enjoy, as well, including an antique cranberry sorter and other historical items, and lots of fun shopping for antique and new kitchen items. Also has basic groceries like milk and eggs. A “must visit” place in Brewster!

S. Wade