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Oil Lamps & Parts

Whether you need oil lamp shades, oil lamp chimneys, plugs and collars, or other hard-to-find hardware for your oil lamp, the Brewster Store’s large assortment can fill your needs. We also have a large assortment of complete oil lamps available in a range of prices.

Either order online if you know exactly what you need or call us at 508-896-3744 between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. ET for assistance in ordering your oil lamp or oil lamp parts. When calling please have the lamp in front of you and a ruler or the key measurements listed below. We will try to special order parts for you that we do not currently have in stock.

Selecting Oil Lamp Chimneys, Sconces, Hurricanes and Shades

OIL LAMP CHIMNEYS: used with or without a shade on antique lamps. Chimneys sit in a burner with tines or a chimney holder. The chimney is always put in burner first. The shade is then slipped over chimney. Chimneys are often hand blown and of thin glass: measurements are approximate, occasional slight imperfections and mold marks are normal and not defects.

OIL LAMP SCONCES: candle holders, or a holder of another light source, that is attached to a wall with an ornamental bracket. Most have a fitter of 1 5/8 inches.

HURRICANE OIL LAMPS: glass chimneys open at both ends with similar diameters that is placed over a candle to keep it from being blown out by the wind.

DIMENSIONS FITTER: Chimneys are measured first by their bottom diameter or FITTER, outside edge to outside edge. There are standard fitter sizes. Most burners have a narrow seat for chimney to rest on which may have tines or prongs which may bend slightly to accommodate small variations in fitter diameters. Particular care should be taken if the lamp is used to burn oil making sure the oil lamp chimney bottom fits securely.

HEIGHT: The next measurement is the height of the chimney. Today not all chimney heights replicate those of the past. Typically the oil lamp chimney extends up thru the middle of the lamp shade and rises 2″-4″ above the top of the shade.

BULGE: This is the diameter of the widest part of the chimney.