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Gift Baskets

gift baskets
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The Brewster Store will create a beautiful gift basket for any occasion and either deliver it in Brewster free or ship it anywhere in the USA via UPSLet our creative staff help you chose from favorite items on our shelves such as penny candy, fudge, beach plum jelly, our unique design t-shirts and mugs, bayberry candles, a special toy, or your favorite roasted coffee, chicken pot pie or claim chowder.( Local delivery only on these last two items)The list of items is only limited by the vast array of products on our shelves.Just give us a call at 508-896-3744 between 10 AM and 4 PM and our experienced associates will assist you.Alternatively, come by and sit by the old coal stove and enjoy a cup of mulled cider, then browse the first and second floors.We look forward to hearing from you or helping you in person
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