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Mrs. Stewart's Liquid Bluing

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Mrs. Stewart's was founded by Al Stewart, a traveling salesman from Chicago, Illinois who sold the formula to Luther Ford of Minneapolis, Minnesota, the owner of what is claimed to be the first five and dime store west of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was first sold in the store in 1883.The picture on the label of Mrs. Stewart's is actually Mrs. Stewart's mother (Al Stewart's mother-in-law) who was not actually Mrs. Stewart.As home washing tips are passed down from grandparent to parent to child, more and more people are discovering the value of Mrs. Stewart's Bluing! Not only does it whiten whites, it also brightens colors and does so without harsh chemicals, prolonging the life of any garment. People are seeking environmentally safe products and they know that MSB is non-toxic and biodegradable. White fabric turns yellow or gray with age and repeated washings. Bluing restores sparkling whiteness. It works on synthetics as well as natural fibers without damaging the fibers the way bleach does.
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