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Camper Snack Pack

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Our Camper’s Snack Pack costs $45. It includes among, other treats:

An assortment of...

  • 1 lb. Assorted Penny Candy
  • Box of Animal Crackers
  • Bag of Cape Cod Potato Chips
  • Bag of Doritos
  • Cracker Jacks
  • Pack of Oreo Cookies
  • Granola Bar
  • Assorted other goodies
Please call us at 508-896-3744 to provide the Campers name, age, gender and camp location as well as the date you would like the campers pack delivered. We can also add the following to any campers pack order:

- A dozen Chocolate Chip Cookies for $13.95

- 1 lb. of Assorted Penny Candy for $9.00

- 1 lb of Brewster Store Fudge for $13.95

- A Bouquet of Helium Balloons for a charge of $2.50 per ballon.

- A Birthday Card for $3.50

- A Birthday Box for $10 Our birthday box contains a wind-up music box which plays “Happy Birthday”--the world’s most popular song--as well as birthday stickers and a happy face balloon. This will certainly add fun to your camper’s birthday.

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